PHD Program

PHD Program

Director of studies Prof. Dr. W. Fuhrmann

The PHD program is intended for interested postgraduate students who want to extend their existing knowledge in research areas associated with networking:

  • Networks, especially Next Generation Networks and Next Generation Cellular Networks
  • Integration of telecommunication applications and IT applications (e.g., using IMS and SOA
  • Mobility, security and end-to-end QoS
  • Wireless access in vehicular environments.

Current PHD research

  • Thomas Eichelmann: Automated Continuous Solution for the Provision of Value-added Services in Next Generation Networks
  • Sandra Frei: Analysis and Optimization of End-to-end QoS and Mobility on Interworking between Wireless and 3 GPP Networks
  • Armin Lehmann: New Possibilities for the Provision of Value-added Services in SIP-based Peer-to-peer Networks
  • Frank Weber: Optimization of SIP-based Next Generation Networks (NGN) under Special Consideration of Quality of Service

Finalized PHD research

  • Andreas Diehl: Software Architecture for Data Storage Concepts within Future Mobile Telecommunication Systems (2007)


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