Image- and Videoprocessing in C++ (WS11/12)

Introduction to Programming: Image- and Videoprocessing in C++

Course content:

  • Introduction to Programming
  • Basic datatypes
  • Principles of Object Oriented Programming
  • Basics of Image Processing
  • Introduction to OpenCV
  • Group project (maximum of 5 students per group)

Grading is based on presentation / oral exam at the end of the semester.



Schedule (Fridays Block 4+5 on Campus Dieburg):

Lectures:21.10., 04.11., 18.11., 25.11.
Labs:28.10., 11.11., 02.12., 09.12., 16.12., 13.01.

Attendance for the lab is mandatory! If you cannot attend, please send an email.

(Update! The last lecture will be on Nov. 25th., so December 9th is now a Lab. Additional material needed for your projects will be discussed during the Labs) 



For the first lecture on October 21st, please bring a notebook if possible. We'll install compilers/IDEs. If you're using Mac OS, you need an iTunes-Account to download Xcode (both free).

Lecture 1 - 21.10.2011

Lecture 2 - 04.11.2011

Lecture 3 - 18.11.2011

Lecture 4 - 25.11.2011


Lab assignments:

Please come prepared for the lab! If you do not have a full solution, we'll work through it during the lab session, but make sure everything is completed by 5:30pm. Coming prepared helps.




Projects to choose from include: Image Editor to perform basic processing, working with a Webcam, Face Detection, Motion Tracker or working with Microsofts Kinect.

Assignments for projects will be given as agreed, about mid-semester. Project work has to be completed for the last lab. Presentation dates are TBA.


Presentation date for projects:

All projects will be presented in groups on January 13th. Due to a change in the x/y-raster in Darmstadt the schedule had to be changed. Presentations are now starting at 3pm! Each group will have about 30 minutes. All details have been mailed to the groups, so check your email! For further questions, please contact me.