Software Product Line Engineering

Software Product Line Engineering

Belegnummer: 41.4532 Master and JIM Modulbeschreibung


This lecture is focussing on a specific field of Software Engineering - the so called Software Product Line Engineering

This is, on the development of groups of products that vary in certain features but nevertheless have a lot of commonalities. Of course these products contain a considerable amount of software.

Plenty of companies all over the world are facing the problem of how to develop such product lines effiiciently. For example most car radios look more or less the same, do more or less the same and still have some differences. The same holds for cell phones or software that is targetting a world wide market.

The reports of companies having adopted a kind of product line approach are talking of faster development and of better products. So a lot of companies try to get it running. But the reports also tell about some problems doing it.

In the lecture we will examine the impact that product line development has on the different facettes of projects. That is on software development, on project management, on tooling etc. We will understand what has to be done to change from stand alone projects to product lines - and why it is not that easy.

For mode details on product lines look for example at


Don't be afraid! Even if this sounds like (boring?) software engineering - there will be no process models etc. And you do not need to be a UML specialist to understand product line engineering. Of course we will also look at the impact that product lines have on modeling - but that is only one part of the lecture.

So what you really need is some understanding of doing software projects and mainly common sense. If you are not sure whether this is something for you please have a look at the slides, the evaluation results from the previous lecture or ask in the forum of the fachschaft.


All lectures, the lab and even the examination will be in English. (But don't be afraid - it is your knowledge about product lines that matters in the examination and not your English!)

The lab sessions are mandatory.


There will be an oral examination at the end of the semester. The examination will be in English.

The lab has to be passed succesfully before the examination can be made. Registration for the examination is done via OBS. 

When the examination is getting closer you will find the examination list with dates and rooms for the examinations on this website.It will be updated several times until the final version is released a couple of days before the examinations start. You will get an email when the schedule is fixed.