Natural Language Processing

Fall/Winter 2017/2018

The first lecture will be held on October 18, in D14/1.03, 1st block (8:30-10:00 a.m.)

Due to illness, the first lecture will be November 1.

This class will be open to virtual exchange students from our partner universities.


  • This class will be held in English and all materials prepared by JIM students need to be in English as well. "Regular" Master students have the option to present their written material (incl. the final exam) in English or German, but all discussions and oral presentations will need to be in English.
  • The course description and  schedule  can be found here.



The lecture slides for each lecture will be ready for download at least 1 day before the lecture is given:



All lectures will be video-taped so our partner university XUPT (Xi'an/China) can join. Information on where and how to download the videos will be provided in class.



All students will work on a semester project to get practical experience in the NLP field.

The project task can be found here. (will be posted in due time)
The project work counts 40% towards your total grade.



No.1: Pattern Matching / ELIZA. 
Duedate: Nov. 22, 2017 (hardcopy) and electronically (by noon, same day). No late assignments will be accepted.
Readings for this assignment:fileadmin/personal/b.harriehausen/NLP/NLP_WS1112/weizenbaum.eliza.1966.pdf

  1. Weizenbaum, Joseph. ELIZA.  A Computer Program for the Study of Natural Language Communication between Man and Machine. in: Communications of the ACM, Vol9, No.1., 1966, pp. 36-45.
  2. Peter Gärdenfors: The Computer who Thought


No.2: Grammar Checker (rule-based)

Duedate: Jan. 17, 2018 in class (hardcopy) and electronically (by 6 p.m., same day). No late assignments will be accepted.



other READINGS for the class


  • The day of thefinal exam is: t.b.a. You are allowed to bring 1 page (A4) of handwritten notes to the exam. No other material (except for writing utensils) is allowed. I will provide paper.
  • This is a sample final exam from a previous year. I consider this being a valuable preparation.
  • The last regular lecture during the semester will be used as a preparation for the final exam.


The grading of the class is based on (and will be explained during the 1st meeting):

  1. your assignments (30%; based on 2 assignments, i.e. 15% for each assignment)
  2. your semester project (40%)
  3. the final exam (30%)

Each part needs to be passed with a minimum grade of 4.0 in order to pass the entire class.