Elective Project SS 2011

Elective Project for Digital Media SS 2011

Platform Independent Web App: OBS mobile

Design and development of a mobile companion (preferably platform independent) for the well-known desktop website OBS.

Apple subdivides software for mobile devices with respect to iOS into four categories:

  • iOS apps
  • web apps
  • optimized webpages
  • compatible webpages

The pros and cons of these variants should be evaluated from the viewpoint of various stakeholders, taking into account other mobile platforms as well (Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, ...).

The existing desktop website should be analyzed and relevant use cases for a mobile companion should be identified. Different mobile solutions according to the categories mentioned above should be sketched.

Presumably, the project will focus on the development of a platform independent client side web app, based on upcoming HTML5, using client side storage and client side scripting intensively. The project should evaluate the chances and drawbacks of this approach.

The result should be not just a prototype, but a stable and maintainable product. The participants should learn how to design the software structure this way. At the end all participants should understand, how each (not only their own) part of the system works.

Precondition to participate: interested in programming, software engineering, computer science.