Going Abroad

Information for JIM Students before Going Abroad

All JIM Students must spend one semester (usually their third semester) at one of our partner universities abroad. This page provides information for JIM Students to help choose, and then apply to, a partner university.


Students spend one semester abroad at our partner university, UWP:

University of
Double Degree?Yes
Semester:Aug. 15 - Dec. 22
Application Deadline:Jan. 31
Locations:Platteville, Wisconsin, USA 


Note on the semester dates: Before making return travel plans, contact your instructors (or the Partner's JIM coordinator) to find out when your final exams are over.

Mandatory Courses before Going Abroad

Before going abroad, students must take the following three required courses:

 These courses are usually taken in a student's second semester. 

Culture and Language II and Project System Development II are taken while abroad (at the partner university). The details depend on which partner you visit; see below.

Information that applies to the Partners

  • Online application at h-da for support: https://international.h-da.de/wege-ins-ausland/
  • You need 12 ECTS Credit Points (CPs).
  • Please note that our partner universities use a different credit point system than we do: One CP abroad == 2.5 ECTS CPs (for example, a 3 CP course abroad is roughly equivalent with a 7.5 CP course in Darmstadt).
  • All application documents have to be handed in before January 31st to <jim.fbi [AT] h-da.de> (with the possible exception of a Transcript of Records, which cannot be obtained until you have completed your first semester).

Registering with the International Office in Darmstadt

  • Students from h_da going abroad should also register with the International Office.
  • At the end of the registration process, you will need to print out a form and bring it to the JIM program coordinator, who will sign it and give it to the International Office.
  • Once registered, the International Office can be very helpful with the whole process of going abroad.

Financial Support Programs

Information about UWP


  • Application Deadline: Jan 31
  • Electronic Application
  • Evidence of English proficiency (TOEFL)
  • Financial support verification
  • Copy of applicantÔÇśs passport information page
  • Letters of recommendation (students need to obtain these from Professors from the CS Dept (FbI) in Darmstadt)
  • Academic Records (Get your Transcript of Records from Frau Kugler).  Note that you cannot obtain a Transcript of Records until you have the grades from your first semester.  If necesary, the Transcript of Records can be sent after the other documents.


Plan your schedule

  • A (Windows) program to help you plan your (UWP) schdule is available at http://www.uwplatt.edu/classes
    Note that the prgram does not register students for classes, it only helps planning. Students still need to register using the PASS System at http://www.uwplatt.edu/its/pass)
  • Select your courses: For "Project System Development II", you should enroll in "COMPUTER 7220, Software Project II".
  • For "Culture and Language II", you should enroll in " UWP Studies 501, Conversational American English for International Students".
    For your remaining Computer Science courses, you should enroll in class with catalog numbers in the five-thousand range (of the form 5xxx).


VISA for the USA

You need the DS2019 document for the visa process. More information about this document can be found under: http://j1visa.state.gov/participants/how-to-apply/about-ds-2019/

Requirements for the Double Degree

  • To apply: Grades of C- or better (German 3.3 or better)
  • To obatin the double degree: Final Grade Point Average (GPA) including Master's Thesis of B (German 2.0) or better.
  • Students need to transfer enough credits to UWP.  If you have received a (German) grade in a class of 3.7 or 4.0, you can transfer in another course (for electives) or retake a course at Platteville (for mandatory courses).



Further Information

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