Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to take the TOEFL test?

No, this test is waived, but you will need to go through an interview with the PhD-Programme coordinators at our department - and this interview will be held in English.

What exactly is the procedure to enter the PhD programme?

You make an appointment with one of the PhD-Programme coordinators at our department. In a first conversation, we talk about (a) a topic that you are interested in, (b) a point in time when you want to start, (c) supervisors that you would like to work with and (d) the feasability in general.

After having chosen a topic and a start date, the official part starts: you will need to enroll as a student at one of the partner university by the time you officially start working in your PhD. And then you start!

You may also visit Application.

How often do I need to go to the partner university?

This is really up to you. It depends on whether you have chosen one of the partner university's staff members to be your 1st or 2nd supervisor. All students should stay in close contact with their three supervisors. Details will be discussed prior to your starting date and can be arranged individually.

Is the degree from h_da or from the partner university?

Your PhD degree will be awarded by the partner university.

Besides doing my research, do I need to take postgraduate classes?

We hold PhD seminars for the PhD students in Darmstadt regularly. They are not listed in our OBS system, as you need to sign up through your PhD supervisors.