Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences 

Germany is among the leaders in the world of engineering and IT and Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences,  ranks top in Germany.
We are a modern, medium-sized university (about 10,000 students) with much to offer to prospective students. Founded in 1971, h_da is a young and innovative university which is now an integral part of Darmstadt's academic landscape. Our close cooperation with industry and research institutes plays a key role in our teaching and research. Short studying times, effective organization of studies, a clear practical bias in the courses themselves, internationally-oriented university-level education and success-oriented commitment in the fields of research, development and further training - these are all the basis of h_da's success and have become our trademarks which attract many international students.

Faculty of Computer Science

h_da's Faculty of Computer Science has about 2000 students. 50 professors and 20 lab engineers teach the students and offer them their support.There are a number of part-time lecturers, who come from companies and are helping with teaching and research activities.The department is well equipped and has a sufficient infrastructure. Each of the department's laboratories has a special purpose and is especially equipped with software and hardware for this task. For example, there are special laboratories for telecommunications, CASE, multimedia, graphics, artificial intelligence, databases etc.All laboratories have an internet connection and a connection to the servers of the department where every student has an account and some disk space to save results of the practical sessions or personal files.


There are several libraries that belong to the University of Applied Sciences. Additionally, you may also use the federal state library located in the old castle in the city centre.
On campus, the main library is the most relevant for computer science students. Both German and English books are available.
The main library is located on the second floor in building D10.Textbooks can be lent for a whole term, all other books only for 4 weeks (extendable twice for further 4 weeks).


Each semester, h_da and Technical University offer an interesting sports program for students. Most courses are free, fees are charged on special events only.If you are interested in doing somesports, please get yourself a copy ofthe 'Hochschulsport Programm', theuniversity sports program, available each semester at the Fachhochschuleor ask at the 'h_da-Sportb├╝ro', locatedin Building A 10, Room 106. It opens Tuesday to Thursday from 10.00 to 12.00 am.Courses offered cover fitness programs, aerobics,streching, aikido, acrobatics, badminton, baseball,softball, basketball, volleyball and beach-volleyball,billard, unicycle, fencing, soccer, golf, apparatusgymnastics, handball, hapkido, hockey, inline-skatingand inline-hockey, juggling, judo, karate, rowing, diving,tennis, unterwater-rugby, sailing, surfing and more.Apart from courses, the sports program offers facilitieslike sauna, a swimming pool and a health centre.

Campus Map

This is an overview of the h_da campus. To see more details click on the image.


The organisation dealing with problems while finding an accom- modation is known as 'StudentenWerk Darmstadt'. They provide individual rooms and services regarding all accommodation related things (furniture, kitchen equipment, almost unlimited internet access etc). The StudentenWerk has a good infrastructure and provides services at low costs. You can find details for accommodation on the website of the StudentenWerk (in German). For foreign students: If you wish us to reserve a room for you in a local dormitory via the StudentenWerk, please send (parallel to your application) an email.
In Darmstadt, there are 12 student residencies situated in differents parts of the city. The surface of the room varies between 15 and 30 square meters (depending on the residency). Students share bathrooms and kitchen.