Research Areas

IT Security

The ubiquity of IT systems makes attacks on them more attractive. Internet threats like botnets which spread through malware and a reliable IT-based authentication are important challenges to secure our current and upcoming networks. h_da researchers, therefore, work on dependable detection on malware, innovative authentication based on biometrics, and securing next generation networks.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Harald Baier

Next Generation Networks and Applications

Future applications in the field of information and communication technology require flexible and universal infrastructures providing manifold services and content, and connecting seamlessly end user terminals. These next generation applications, service delivery platforms, and networks are subject of current Ph.D. research projects with several collaboration partners. Special focus lies on application composition, quality of service, and mobility.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Woldemar Fuhrmann, Prof. Dr. Michael Massoth


E-Learning is learning using electronic media. Pure e-Learning is not the optimal way of learning or delivering content to learners, but in combination with other learning and teaching methods like face-to-face learning and project-based learning very helpful and efficient. There are several research projects in this area at h_da focussing on improving learning and teaching. These projects are based on modern and innovative pedagogical theories and results. Atlantis University as main international project in this area bundles a lot of researchers (Ph.D. and Masters level) from different disciplines.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Bettina Harriehausen-M├╝hlbauer

Semantic Web

Semantic Web is Tim Berners Lee's vision of a global knowledge platform based on the World-Wide Web - his invention. Semantic information shall be evaluated by electronic agents. This is in contrast to web sites that are merely human-readable. While several Semantic Web technologies have been standardized by the W3C and the number of Semantic Web applications is growing rapidly, there is still enormous demand for research. Current Ph.D. projects and interdisciplinary research projects at h_da focus on the application of Semantic Web technologies for e-Business integration.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Humm

Business Information Systems

Business information systems is a broad area but best describes the research interests of a group in our department. Depending on the continuing development of the area the focus is adjusted from time to time. Today sourcing models, outsourcing and utility computing are at the center. Advanced E-learning applications, business intelligence and knowledge based software are additional areas. There is still enormous demand for research. Current Ph.D. projects and a research project  focus on different aspects of business data processing technologies for instance Sourcing-Models / Utility Computing and E-learning applications.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Christoph Wentzel